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Rare Roman Silver Miliarense of Constantius II from Winchester

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This is a rare ancient Roman silver Miliarense of emperor Constantius II struck between 350 - 355 A.D.

D N CONSTANTIVS PF AVG - pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right

VIRTVS EXERCITVS soldier standing, head left, holding spear and shield.

It was struck at the Thessalonica Mint, bearing a TES Mintmark (for Thessaloniki in Greece)

This coin was found near Winchester in England, so it must have travelled throughout the Empire in trade or as a soldier's salary. It has been recorded by PAS as HAMP-488EBA, sadly damaged but still a rare coin, that was purchased directly from the finder.




DATE: 350 - 355 A.D.

MINTMARK: TES (Thessalonica, Greece)

SIZE: 22mm dia

WEIGHT: 4.29 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC VIII 160/203 / Sear 17884.