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Roman Gold Solidus of Emperor Valentinian minted in Antioch


Code: 11393

This is an ancient Roman gold Solidus of emperor Valentinian I, dating to 364 - 375 A.D.

DN VALENTINI ANVS P F AVG, rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right 

RESTITVTOR REIP, Valentinian standing facing, head right, holding labarum and Victory on globe.

This coin was struck at the Antioch mint, between 364 - 375 AD mint mark ANTI Γ* [Gamma (3) for the 3rd Officina at Antioch] This coin has seen circulation and exhibits light wear. A good example that had been graded as 'very fine' by Baldwins.



DATE: 364 - 375 A.D.

MINTMARK: ANT Γ* (Antioch, Turkey)

SIZE: 21.44mm dia

WEIGHT: 4.35 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  RIC IX Antioch 2b, type xxxiv. (RCV 4088)

PROVENANCE: Ex. Baldwins of St. James, London.