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18k gold lapel badge of the Knights of Malta by Renato Cipullo

£1,220.00 Approx $1509.9, €1416.96

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This is a nice vintage 18k gold lapel badge of the Knights of Malta, dating to the late 20th century. The badge is set with red and white enamel and seven diamonds. The back of the badge is engraved with "Knights of Malta" and the name of the jeweller Renato Cipullo.

Renato Cipullo leads a fine jewelry house based in New York, his creations have been worn by royalty and celebrities, and among an extensive list of private clients globally who regularly commission Renato for the intricacy of his bespoke designs and the knowledge that what he creates is elevated and differentiated from pieces that can be found among more commercial high jewelry houses.

This is a nice object, from an excellent jeweller made for a member of the "Knights of Malta" to reflect their achievements and aspirations!

OBJECT:  Lapel Badge

DATE: 1980's

MATERIAL: 18k gold, enamel, and diamonds

WEIGHT:  5.78 grams

SIZE: 23mm x 15mm