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Medieval silver signet ring of a falcon or eagle

£185.00 Approx $234.18, €215.87

Code: 11478

This is a nice late medieval silver signet ring, dating to the 15th - 16th century. The round bezel is engraved with an eagle or falcon, used to seal and authenticate letters and documents. The signet is intact although the silver has great age and a few chips to the band as such is suited for collection or display rather than to be worn.

OBJECT: Signet Ring

CULTURE: Medieval

DATE: c. 15th - 16th century A.D.


RING SIZE:   10 1/2   (US)    U 1/2  (UK)

SIZE: 21mm x 23mm x 3mm (bezel 11mm)

WEIGHT:  1.54 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection. Hertfordshire.