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European Neolithic flint spearhead beautifully knapped


Code: 11497

A superb and intact Late Neolithic flint spearhead, dating from 2500-2100BC. The spearhead is leaf-shaped with working all over the surface of both faces. The proximal end shaped to fit into a haft and the distal end tapers to a sharp point. The tool measures 99mm in length, 39mm in width, and 8mm in thickness. Both faces have been thinned by the removal of many small, shallow, invasive pressure-flakes. The flint has patinated and is a very fine example. It was originally found in Denmark and was purchased from a private collection.

OBJECT: Spearhead

CULTURE: Late Neolithic

DATE: c. 2500 - 2100 B.C.


SIZE: 99mm x 39mm x 8mm 

WEIGHT:  45.38 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Danish private collection.