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Gold Unite coin weight King James I for XXII Shillings


Code: 11503

This is a copper-alloy coin weight for a British gold Unite of King James Ist. The Unite was the second English gold coin with a value of twenty shillings or one pound first produced during the reign of King James I. It was named after the legends on the coin indicating the king's intention of uniting his two kingdoms of England and Scotland. The unite was valued at twenty shillings until 1612 when the increase in the value of gold throughout Europe caused it to be raised to twenty-two shillings, this example is marked XXII S for twenty-two shillings and thus after the revaluation. It also has a countermark of a crowned C.R. for his son King Charles I. This enabled the weight to be used during the reign of King Charles for gold Unites.

This coin weight is in excellent condition


CULTURE: Britain

DATE: 1612 - 1619 A.D.

MATERIAL: Copper-alloy

SIZE: 19mm x 19mm x 4mm

WEIGHT: 10 grams