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Medieval silver groat of king Henry VI Calais Joan of Arc period


Code: 11610

This is a superb medieval silver groat (four pence) of King Henry VI, minted in Calais between 1422 - 1430 AD. It is from the  Annulet issue. This coin would have circulated within France and England around the time of Joan of Arc.

Obverse: Crowned facing portrait of Henry VI, annulets at neck, legend around. Legend reads: hEnRIC'xDI'xGRA'xREX AnGL'xZ'xFRANC "Henry, by the grace of God, King of England and France"

Reverse: Long cross with pellets in angles, annulets linking pellets in two opposing angles, legend around in two circles., VIL LAx CALI SIEx, outer legend, POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEVM "I have made God my helper" a Psalm from the Bible, with "Town of Calais" on the inner circle.


CULTURE: Medieval France


DATE: 1422 - 1430 AD


SIZE: 27mm diameter

WEIGHT: 3.44 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Whitton 13a; N.1427; S.1836