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Georgian gold posy ring 'God above increase our love' Maker GS


Code: 11611

This is a nice example of a Georgian gold posy ring, dating to the 18th century. The ring is inscribed "God aboue increase our loue" (God above increase our love) a sentiment recorded in Evans (38). The makers mark of GS Goldsmith of unknown identity. The letters G S in Roman capitals in a rectangular punch. Mark recorded on a mourning ring with inscription date of 1741 so this ring would be about the same date. See also rings no.1961.1202. 271 and 276 by the same maker, and Dalton 1912 nos.1226, 1294 and 1617 (Franks bequest AF.1307, 1375 and 1686) for a similar mark.

OBJECT: Posy Ring

CULTURE:  Georgian

DATE: c. 1740 - 1750 AD


RING SIZE:    7  (US)     O  (UK)

SIZE: 20mm x 4mm

WEIGHT:  2.45 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection, Norwich.