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Ancient Roman AE Sestertius of Emperor Hadrian / Roma

£350.00 Approx $439.7, €407.45

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This is an ancient Roman AE (Orichalcum) Sestertius, of Emperor Hadrian, minted in Rome between 124 - 128 AD 

Obverse: HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, "Hadrian, emperor (Augustus)" laureate head right 

Reverse: COS III, "Consul for the third time" Roma seated left, holding Victory and cornucopiae, SC in ex.

A wonderful ancient coin with a nice patina, good hoard metal.



MATERIAL: AE (Orichalcum)

DATE: 117 - 138 AD (minted at Rome between 124 - 128 AD)

SIZE: 31mm diameter

WEIGHT: 26.37 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  RIC 636, Cohen 343, BMC 1301

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Hamburg, Germany