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Ancient Roman gold Aureus of Tiberius Lugdunum mint

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This is an ancient Roman gold Aureus of  Emperor Tiberius, struck in Lyon (Lugdunum) 16AD 

Obverse:  TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTVS; "Tiberius Caesar Augustus, son of the deified Augustus" laureate head of Tiberius right

Reverse:  PONTIF MAXIM, "the Roman high priest"  Livia as Pax seated right, holding branch and sceptre; plain legs to chair.

One of the 12 Caesars Aurei


DENOMINATION: Aureus (= 25 Denarii)


DATE: 14 - 37 AD 

SIZE: 19mm dia

WEIGHT: 7.68 grams

ATTRIBUTION:   RIC 25, Cohen 15, BMC 30, Cal. 305 d

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Germany.