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Roman Gold Solidus of Emperor Arcadius Constantinople Mint

£1,395.00 Approx $1761.36, €1625.87

Code: 11651

This is an ancient Roman gold solidus of emperor Arcadius dating to 383 - 385 AD.

D N ARCADIVS P F AVG, rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right 

CONCORDIA AVGGG Z, Constantinopolis seated facing, head right, foot on prow, holding sceptre and globe; lion heads on arms of throne.

Mintmark CONOB. in ex.

This example was minted in Constantinople within the first few years of Arcadius reign whilst he was around six years old. You can clearly see a young portrait of this prince. A nice coin in circulated condition with clear details.




DATE: 383 - 385 AD

MINTMARKCONOB (Constantinople, Turkey)

SIZE: 21mm diameter

WEIGHT: 4.26 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  Constantinople RIC IX 46g2, Depeyrot 38/6; Sear 20699.

PROVENANCE:  Formerly in a private collection, Norwich. UK