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Ancient Roman silver denarius of empress Faustina II / feminine virtue

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This is an ancient Roman silver denarius, of empress Faustina II, minted in Rome between 161 - 175 AD 

Obverse: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, "Empress Faustina" Draped bust right, hair waved and coiled at the back of the head.

Reverse: FORTVNAE MVLIEBRI"To feminine virtue" Fortuna, draped, seated left on low seat, holding rudder set on ground in right hand and cornucopiae in left hand.

A bold example with a good portrait and clean silver.




DATE: 161 - 175 AD (this coin minted between 161- 175 AD)

SIZE: 18mm dia

WEIGHT: 2.97 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC 683, RSC 107, BMC 96 (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 5253

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection. Kent. UK.