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Baroque silver and black dot diamond paste cross brooch


Code: 11729

This is a nice Baroque period silver and paste cross pendant/brooch conversion, dating to the late 17th century. It is set with six original black dot pastes, in the latest diamond cut. Each stone is held within a square-shaped bezel decorated on the rim in a wolf tooth design. The top retains part of the original suspension loop that has been worn away with many years of use, the back has been converted to a brooch. A nice antique jewel in much loved and worn condition. A few of the stones have chips and the silver has darkened black (this can easily be cleaned) all original and untouched condition.

OBJECT:  Cross pendant/brooch

CULTURE: Baroque

DATE: 17th - 18th century

MATERIAL: Silver & Rhinestones

SIZE: 32mm x 24mm x 8mm

WEIGHT: 6.97 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection, London.