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Baroque period 18k gold pearl cluster jewel


Code: 11732

This is most charming freshwater pearl cluster jewel, dating to the 17th century. The object is made from a rod of gold with several wires spiralling around each holding a tightly packed group of drilled freshwater pearl. the pearls move when jangled and this gives off a shimmering effect when worn. This pendant may have acted as a drop on a larger jewel or to be worn sewn into the hair or on a ribbon (as was the fashion). Similar jewels were found in the Cheapside hoard. A nice object in very good condition. 


CULTURE: Baroque

DATE: c. 17th century

MATERIAL: Gold, freshwater pearls (natural)

SIZE: 14.71mm x 8.32mm 

WEIGHT: 0.95 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection, Norwich. The United Kingdom.