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Ancient Roman Silver Denarius of Emperor Hadrian / Victory

£210.00 Approx $259.9, €243.9

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This is an ancient Roman silver denarius, of Emperor Hadrian, struck in Rome between 125 - 128 AD 

Obverse:  HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, "Hadrian, emperor (Augustus)" laureate head right.

Reverse:  COS III, "Consul for the third time" Victory standing right, right hand on head & holding palm

A lovely toned example in at least VF+ condition




DATE: 117 - 138 AD (this coin minted between 125 - 128 AD)

SIZE: 18mm dia

WEIGHT: 3.59 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  RIC 163, RSC 337b, BMC 368 

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Cologne, Germany.