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Elizabethan silver seal matrice merchant mark GH

£950.00 Approx $1193.47, €1105.94

Code: 11822

This is a superb Elizabethan silver fob seal, dating to the mid to late 16th century. It is decorated with a chessman type handle. The main seal is nicely engraved with the owner's initials of G.H. above which is a number 4 used to denote merchants marks. It would appear this seal would thus have belonged to a merchant who would have used this seal to authenticate letters and transactions. It had been in use for many years and part of the suspension loop is worn. 

OBJECT: Fob Seal

CULTURE: Elizabethan 

DATE: c. 1560 - 1600 AD.


SIZE: 26mm x 18.91mm x 15.71mm 

WEIGHT:  13.53 grams

PROVENANCE: formerly in a private collection, Canada.