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Jacobean period gold and enamel finger ring AG and a Heart

£795.00 Approx $1093.54, €930.91

Code: 11826

This is a rather charming Jacobean period gold finger ring, dating to the early 17th century. The ring bears the initials A.G. that would have been set against white enamel, the back is decorated with a heart that would have been filled with red enamel. It is a nice and original gold finger ring that would have acted as a sweetheart gift or token for a young lady.

OBJECT: Finger Ring

CULTURE: Baroque/Jacobean

DATE: c. 1600 - 1640 AD


RING SIZE:  3 1/4 (US)     F 3/4   (UK)

SIZE: 16.00mm x 16.59mm x 1.66mm (bezel 9.24mm x 8.08mm x 0.95mm)

WEIGHT: 1.29 grams

PROVENANCE: From a European private collection, Germany.