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Medieval silver Groat of king Richard III London Sun & Rose

£1,750.00 Approx $2407.15, €2049.18

Code: 11844

This is a medieval silver groat (four pence) of King Richard III, minted at London between 1483 - 1485 AD.

Obverse: Facing bust of Richard within a tressure of nine arcs, an annulet either side of neck. Legend reads:  RICARDx DIx GRAx REX AnGLx Z FRAn, "Richard, by the grace of God, King of England and France."

Reverse:  Long cross pattee, tri-pellets in each inner angle, beaded circles and twin concentric legend surrounding: POSVI DEVmx A DIVTOR E' mEVm "I have made God my helper," a Psalm from the Bible.: CIVI TAS LOn DOn,"City of London" double saltire stops on the inner circle.


CULTURE: Medieval England


DATE: 1483 - 1485 AD


SIZE: 25mm diameter

WEIGHT: 2.79 grams

ATTRIBUTION: N.1679; S.2157