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Renaissance silver and rock crystal gemstone finger ring


Code: 11868

This is a nice Renaissance silver finger ring, dating to the 16th century. It is set with a clear rock crystal gemstone within a crimped bezel. The gem would have been an antique possibly ancient Roman crystal bead, later set into this ring by a renaissance jeweller. A good Tudor period ring in wearable condition. 

OBJECT: Finger Ring

CULTURE: Renaissance

DATE: c. 16th century AD.

MATERIAL: Silver & rock crystal

RING SIZE:  10 3/4 (US)    V 1/4 (UK)

SIZE: 27.61mm x 26.27mm x 4.13mm (Bezel 14.78mm x 11.50mm x 6.99mm)

WEIGHT: 6.73 grams

PROVENANCE:  Formerly in European private collection, Germany.