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British Iron Age Celtic Terret Ring Horse Harness Fitting


Code: 11893

This is an ancient late Iron Age/Roman bronze terret ring, dating to the 1st century BC/AD. Is is cast in one piece from bronze with a ribbed design, originally securing a leather harness for a horse or chariot. It has a wonderful deep English green patina, and is an excellent example. This was originally found in the Midlands. See also NLM-35E783PUBLIC-4B6BD4HESH-4586CB for further examples.

OBJECT: Terret Ring

CULTURE: Iron Age/Roman

DATE: c. 1st century BC/AD (50 BC- 50 AD)


SIZE: 38.87mm x 33.50mm x 10.10mm

WEIGHT:  17.90 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Private collection London, originally found in the Midlands. The UK.