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Ancient Roman Silver Denarius of Emperor Antoninus Pius / Peace

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This is an ancient Roman Silver Denarius, of Emperor Antoninus Pius, minted at Rome between 150 - 151 AD 

Obverse:  IMP CAES T AEL HADR ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P, "Supreme commander (Imperator), Caesar, Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Pius, emperor (Augustus), father of the nation." laureate head right

Reverse: TR POT XIIII COS IIII / PAX, "Holder of tribunician power for the 14th time, consul for the fourth time / PEACE " Pax, draped, standing left, holding branch extended in right hand and vertical sceptre in left.




DATE: 138 - 161 AD (minted at Rome in 150 - 151 AD)

SIZE: 18mm diameter

WEIGHT:  3.42  grams

ATTRIBUTION:   RIC III# 200C_denarius, OCRE# ric.3.ant.200C_denarius

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Cologne, Germany.