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Ancient Roman AE Sestertius of Marcus Aurelius Caesar / Hope

£120.00 Approx $148.51, €139.37

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This is an ancient Roman AE Sestertius, of Marcus Aurelius as Caesar, minted at Rome between 158 - 159 AD 

Obverse:  AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG PII F, "[Marcus] Aurelius Caesar, son of emperor (Augustus) [Antoninus] Pius." Head of Marcus Aurelius, bare, right.

Reverse: TR POT XIII COS II / S C, "Holder of tribunician power for the 13th time, consul for the second time. Decree of the senate." Spes (Hope), advancing left, holding flower and raising skirt.


DENOMINATION: Sestertius (1/4 of a denarius)


DATE: 139 - 161 AD (this coin minted between 158 - 159 AD)

SIZE: 30mm dia

WEIGHT: 23.61 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC III# 1348B, OCRE# ric.3.ant.1348B

PROVENANCE: Private collection. London.