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Ancient Roman gold aureus of emperor Nero / Salus

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This is an ancient Roman gold Aureus of emperor Nero, struck in Rome between 66 - 67 AD 

Obverse:  NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS; "Nero Caesar, emperor (Augustus)" laureate head of Nero facing right

Reverse:  SALVS "Health"  Salus seated left, holding patera.

A very nice coin with a good portrait and full titles, well struck and graded about VF for issue.

One of the 12 Caesars Aurei




DATE: 54 - 68 AD (this coin minted between 66 - 67AD

SIZE: 19.06mm diameter

WEIGHT: 7.20grams

ATTRIBUTION:   (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 1932, RIC 59, Cohen 313, BMC 87

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Switzerland.