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Ancient Roman Gold Solidus of Emperor Valens minted at Trier

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This is an ancient Roman gold Solidus of emperor Valens, dating to 364 - 378 A.D.

Obverse: DN VALENS P F AVG, "Our Lord Valens, Pious and Blessed August" pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right

Reverse: VICTORIA AVGG "the Victory of Our Augusti" Valens and Valentinian seated facing, together holding globe, between them below: a palm branch; behind and between them: the upper portion of a Victory with outspread wings

This coin was struck at the Trier mint, between 373 - 375 AD. Mint mark TROB. 



DATE: 364 - 378 AD (this coin issued between 373 - 375 AD)

MINTMARK: TROB (Trier, Germany)

SIZE: 21.51mm diameter

WEIGHT: 4.47 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  RIC IX 17e.4; Depeyrot 43/2

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection, Paris.