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Ancient Roman gold aureus of Caesar Domitian / Prince of Youth

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This is an ancient Roman gold aureus of Domitian as Caesar, minted at Rome between 80 - 81 AD 

Obverse: CAESAR AVG F DOMITIANVS COS VII, "Caesar, son of the emperor (Augustus), Domitian, consul for the seventh time" Head of Domitian, laureate, right.

Reverse: PRINCEPS IVVENTVTIS, "Prince of the youth" clasped hands before a legionary eagle

One of the 12 Caesars Aurei




DATE: 79 - 81 AD (This coin was minted at Rome in 80 - 81 AD)

SIZE: 20.05mm dia

WEIGHT: 7.10 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC II.1 (Titus) 1080. Calicó 916

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Beaumont, France.