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Roman Silver Siliqua of Emperor Valens / Ex. East Harptree Hoard


Code: 12095

This is an ancient Roman silver Siliqua of emperor Valens, dating to 367 - 375 A.D.

Obverse: D N VALEN S P F AVG "Our Lord Valens, Pious and Blessed August" pearl-diademed draped and cuirassed bust facing right

Reverse: RESTITVTOR REIP "Restorer of the State" Valens standing facing, head r., holding labarum and Victory on globe, hook on the standard.

This coin was minted at Lugdunum (Lyon, France), mintmark is unclear but the dies match and the style of engraving fit this mint. Interestingly it had travelled across the English Channel, being found in the East Harptree Hoard in 1887. Coins from this hoard are of exceptional quality and show dark toning. Some of these coins were recently sold in the Triton XXI auction, and this example is from one of the Triton XXI group lots. From the East Harptree, Somerset Hoard (found 1887, published by Evans, J. in NC (1888) p. 22-46 and Robertson, A., Inventory of Romano-British Coin Hoards, 1424).



DATE: 367 - 375 AD (this coin minted between 364 - 367 AD)

MINTMARK: Not clear but certainly LVG (Lyon, France)

SIZE: 18mm diameter

WEIGHT: 1.82 grams


PROVENANCE: Originally found in the East Harptree Hoard, Somerset.