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17th century English silver scent bottle of Cupid "JE LE PRÉFÈRE"

£2,100.00 Approx $2658.23, €2450.41

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This is a beautifully engraved late 17th century English silver Scent Bottle made in the form of a pilgrim flask, with an attached suspension ring and chains. The face depicts Cupid with his bow and quiver of arrows, holding aloft a heart in his hand, above inscribed in Roman capitals "IE LE PREFAIRE" (JE LE PRÉFÈRE) for "I PREFER IT" in French. The inscription would suggest the original contents to have been an expensive French perfume or scent, the workmanship is however English. The depiction of Cupid (or amorini) would indicate this bottle as having been intended as Valentine's gift. An excellent example, intact and with the original stopper with a hand-cut screw thread in good working condition. It has been suggested the cap inside the stem is shorter than the hand-cut screw on the cap, so maybe a later replacement? 

OBJECT:  Scent bottle

CULTURE: Stuart, Baroque.

DATE: c. 1660 - 1690 AD


WEIGHT: 24.63 grams

SIZE: 59.3mmx x 35.6mm x 20.3mm

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a UK private collection, Leeds.