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Stuart period silver hawking or officers whistle with makers mark

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This is a wonderful Stuart period silver whistle, dating to the mid to late 17th century. It is decorated with scratch-engraved acanthus spears. Bearing an owner's initial of a letter 'M'to the front and SD on the whistle mouthpiece. It retains a suspension ring and the maker's mark of RP, this is presumably a provincial maker and for this early date, I have been unable to trace it. Such a whistle in silver would have been a high-status object, used during hunting or by an officer in a military unit to give orders. It has a nice deep tone and makes a very good whistle. An excellent object in very good condition.

OBJECT: Whistle, hunting or military

CULTURE: Charles II - William and Mary.

DATE: 1650 - 1700AD


SIZE:  34.1mm x 16.6mm x 15.8mm

WEIGHT:  6.46 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.