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Ancient Roman Silver Denarius of Emperor Antoninus Pius / Minerva

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This is an ancient Roman Silver Denarius, of Emperor Antoninus Pius, minted at Rome in 138 AD 

Obverse:  IMP T AEL CAES HADRI ANTONINVS, "Supreme commander (Imperator) Titus Aelius Caesar Hadrianus Antoninus [Pius]" Head of Antoninus Pius, bare right.

Reverse: AVG PIVS P M TR P COS DES II, "Emperor (Augustus) [Antoninus] Pius, high priest, holder of tribunician power, consul elect for the second time" Minerva, helmeted, draped, standing left, holding Victory on right hand and resting left on shield set on ground; spear rests against left arm.

A nice bold example in VF condition




DATE: 138 - 161 AD (minted at Rome in 138 AD)

SIZE: 18mm diameter

WEIGHT:  3.29 grams

ATTRIBUTION: (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 4052 RIC 9, RSC 66, BMC 12

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection. Arnhem, Netherlands