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Ancient Roman Gold Aureus of Emperor Marcus Aurelius / Salus

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This is an ancient Roman gold Aureus, of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, minted at Rome between 162 - 163 AD 

Obverse:   IMP M ANTONINVS AVG, "Supreme commander (Imperator), Marcus [Aurelius] Antoninus, emperor (Augustus)." Bust of Marcus Aurelius, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed, right.

Reverse:  SALVTI AVGVSTOR TR P XVII COS III, "To the health of the emperor (Augustus). Holder of tribunician power for the 17th time, consul for the third time." Salus, draped, standing left, feeding out of patera in right hand snake coiled round altar and holding vertical sceptre in left hand.

A superb coin, well-struck with excellent details. Has a knock to the beard but is otherwise VF


DENOMINATION: Aureus (of 25 denarius)


DATE: 161 - 180 AD (this coin was minted between 162 - 163 AD)

SIZE: 19mm dia

WEIGHT: 7.20 grams

ATTRIBUTION: BMC 415, 226; RIC 77; Calico, Aurei, 1915 

PROVENANCE: Ex. Jean Elsen & Sons SA. Belgium