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Algernon Asprey Silver Equestrian Trophy of Red Rum

£1,475.00 Approx $1867.09, €1721.12

Code: 12451

This is a handsome silver Equestrian trophy of a horse in full gallop. It is mounted to a green wooden plinth with a vacant cartouche. Hallmarked for London,1973 to plaque and figure. Algernon Asprey Bruton St London. Such a well-designed and skillfully created sculpture in solid silver, would make a great gift or trophy. The model for this horse has been identified as the legendary Red Rum, who had won the Grand National at Aintree this very year (1973).

Algernon Asprey joined the celebrated family firm as an artist and designer in 1933. He acquired such a reputation as an outstanding designer and goldsmith that he was able to leave the family business in 1971 to set up his own firm, Alergnon Asprey Ltd of 27 Bruton Street. His motto was 'the giving of beautiful gifts is an important aspect of a civilised society' and his aim was to 're-establish craftsmanship as it existed in the 18th century'. 

OBJECT:  Trophy sculpture of Red Rum

CULTURE: Elizabeth II

DATE: 1973


WEIGHT: 544 grams

SIZE: plinth 25cm. Horse 16cm long.