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Ancient British Dobunni East Wiltshire Silver Unit Upavon Moon Head

£425.00 Approx $537.97, €495.92

Code: 12457

This is an ancient British Iron Age Celtic silver unit, of the enigmatic East Wiltshire tribe of the Dobunni. This coin was minted from c. 50 - 35 BC

Obverse:  Moon head right, three crescents for hair, large sunburst on chin, stalk lips, wheel in front of face

Reverse:  Horse left, feather tail, small ring and large wheel below, small ring and two large pellets above.

A nice example with a clear horse leaping over a 'Sun-wheel' with an attractive Moon face with crescents. 

CULTURE: British Celtic



DATE: c. 50 - 35 BC

SIZE: 13mm dia

WEIGHT: 0.73 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  ABC: 2128, BMC: 3015, SPINK 378

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Bristol. United Kingdom.