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SCOTLAND. Francis and Mary. 1558-1560. 1 1/2d Lion – Hardhead

£65.00 Approx $82.28, €75.85

Code: 12463

This is a Mary Queen of Scots struck after her marriage to Francis. Scottish billion silver Lion/Hardhead, issued at Edinburgh in 1559. The lion or hardhead was valued at 1 1/2 pence.

Obverse: At centre, crowned FM monogram, dolphin on each side looking left; · FRA ET MA D G R R SCOT D [D VIEN] (Francis and Mary King and Queen of Scots and Dauphin and Dauphine of Vien)

Reverse: At the centre, crowned lion rampant to left; around,: [VIN]CIT [VE]RITAS 1559 (truth conquers)

DENOMINATION: Hardhead 1 1/2 pennies

CULTURE: Stuart Scotland

MONARCH: Francis & Mary

DATE: 1542 - 1567 AD


SIZE: 14.4 mm diameter

WEIGHT: 0.64 grams


PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection, Bristol.