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Late Iron Age - Roman bronze terret rein guide

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This is an excavated bronze terret/rein guide dating to the late Iron Age - Roman period of the 1st - 2nd century AD. Terret rings were attached to chariots, carts or wagons and served as rein-guides. They helped guide in reins from the horse's harness to the rider/charioteers' hands. This type of terret ring has a double loop for two reins or for two horses. See also SUSS-E88FD2 found near Rother, WMID-77F1D4 found at Teddesley Hay and KENT-3E5A23 from Medway.

OBJECT: Terret


DATE: c. 1st century AD


SIZE: 85mm x 64.9mm x 29.6mm

WEIGHT:  128.76 grams